Minimize radiation therapy side effects with Barrigel

Protect healthy tissue from unwanted radiation beam exposure

Barrigel® is the only rectal spacer that can be sculpted in place to create a custom fit to your anatomy, better protecting the healthy tissue from radiation beam exposure. It has been proven to significantly reduce long-term side effects from prostate cancer radiation therapy.1,2

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About Radiation Therapy

Learn about radiation therapy as a treatment option for prostate cancer.

Radiation Side Effects

Understand the potential side effects of radiation therapy.

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Why Spacers Matter

See how rectal spacers can help protect healthy tissue and reduce side effects of radiation therapy.

The Barrigel

Learn how the Barrigel rectal spacer significantly reduces unwanted radiation exposure to the rectum.1

98.5% of patients who received Barrigel as part of their radiation therapy treatment had a significant reduction of radiation to the rectum

of patients who received Barrigel as part of their radiation therapy treatment had a


to the rectum1

Find a Doctor

Find a doctor near you who offers the Barrigel sculptable rectal spacer for prostate cancer radiation therapy.

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